WELCOME Orthodox Anna’s Praying Ladies who like Anna the Prophetess, pray and fast to purify their souls but also for others around them in need of healing, help and a change of heart!

I too, am Anna’s Praying Lady who has been praying and fasting for several years for those around me; some I know and some I will never know as God takes our prayers and places them where he wants. As Anna’s Praying Ladies, our prayers and fasting ease the pain, sorrow and suffering in the world just as Anna the Prophetess did in the Bible until she herself saw the Messiah she told everyone would be coming!

A humble beginning would be to read Luke 2:22-38 and then choose a Video/Youtube of your choice to learn more about the story of “Anna the Prophetess” and how her quiet simple life of prayer and fasting had a profound message for the world in the coming of the Messiah.

Like Anna, we are Praying Ladies young & old and all are welcome to read and/or share our loving experiences for the Children of God, on this blog.

Spiritual Direction if needed by Anna’s Praying Ladies is not provided on the blog, however one is free to choose this in their own personal time.

Anna’s Praying Ladies can learn and grow by sharing with others living the same path leading toward Heaven.

God bless you and your spiritual journey, now and ever unto the ages of ages. Amen.